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Es ist gut zu wissen, wann ich mich hauptsächlich auf mein Bauchgefühl verlassen muss.

Folgender Text aus dem aktuellen Editorial der Cochrane Review (eine der besten Plattformen für evidenzbasierte Medizin) gefällt mir so gut und ich halte ihn für so wichtig, dass ich gerne einen Ausschnitt mit euch teilen möchte:

"Efforts should be made to identify substandard studies prior to dissemination, and consideration given to whether a change in approach to preprints is necessary, to incentivize researchers to avoid premature publication. High‐quality peer review using such principles as those underpinning Cochrane Reviews is vital. However, although Cochrane has done much to expedite this process, sifting through the data to produce a careful systematic review, even when rapid, nonetheless requires time.

With the urgent need for solutions to a global catastrophe, researchers responded with immense efforts, producing and sharing new ideas and information at an unprecedented rate. Scientific research was under a spotlight and politicians, and traditional and social media showed their power to expedite the spread of both information and disinformation. However, there was never a greater need for critical appraisal, peer review, clear communication of facts and any uncertainties in the data and evidence, and a distinction between evidence and its interpretation.

Scientists, politician and media organizations share a responsibility to combat ‘fake news' and to promote rational discourse, access to reliable information, and discussion of uncertainties. This will help to ensure the credibility of the scientific community and, most importantly, benefit individual and population health."

Den ganzen Artikel findet ihr hier:

Herzlich Ihre Camilla Wiesenthal & Team


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